Prophet Magaya constructs 15000 Seater Stadium in Harare


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries is in the process of constructing a 15 000 seater stadium in Waterfalls, Harare, the leader Prophet Walter Magaya revealed in South Africa at his church’s on­going crusade in Pretoria.

Prophet Magaya said the sports facility which costs a “few millions dollars” is meant to develop and promote talent in the community. “It’s not only the soccer stadium I am building in Prospect, Harare but also two basket courts, volleyball court, a running track for athletics and I am also planning to include a boxing ring.

“I am building this facility mainly for the benefit of the community. I have discovered that Zimbabwe has a lot of talent but we are failing to identify and promote them,” he said. Magaya was not at liberty to reveal the total cost of the facility.

“The facility is valued at just a few millions of dollars but I can assure you that the stadium is going to be one of the best quality facilities in the country.

“I want to promote sport at the highest level. It is my wish and desire to employ professional sports administrators once the facility is completed for the benefit of the community,” he said. Magaya reiterated that his money is coming mainly from his ministry partners.

“Most people think I make money through church offerings but to be honest most of our cash comes from our partners. Offerings collection (money) is not enough to sustain our projects,” he said.

The PHD Ministries leader said he loves soccer and playing pool­table (snooker) in his spare time. Speaking to journalists, Magaya expressed no interest in joining Zifa as the president if given the opportunity. “I will not take that offer to lead Zifa if given the opportunity because I have enough on my plate at the moment,” he said. Meanwhile Magaya told journalists that his ministry — PHD — is different from other ministries in terms of growth. He defended the hiring of buses from Zimbabwe saying “most of the people who were on those buses are my ministerial workers. Our ministry is very complicated and there is no way it can run without ministerial workers. “In PHD Ministries we have 18 different departments.

Some of the buses used were not hired but well­wishers, such as Munenzwa, offered us a bus for the trip for free.

Critics can go ahead speaking but that cannot stop us from moving ahead as well,” he said. Some critics said Magaya is taking advantage of the economic situation in Zimbabwe to woo big crowds. “What attracts people to come to PHD Ministries is not the economic situation but anointing. “I am not taking advantage of the economic situation in Zimbabwe but take note of what is currently happening here in South Africa yet it is economically stable.

“We are also taking our crusades to the United Kingdom soon and people will see for themselves,” he said.

When Magaya arrived in South Africa for his four­day crusade being held at Tshwane Events Centre and is running from October 1 to 4 — there was a near stampede at OR Tambo International Airport as thousands of his followers jostled to meet him.