President Mugabe is a POOR MAN


President Mugabe is a poor man living a modest life because he is carrying the burden of Zimbabweans seeking economic emancipation from the oppressive Westerners, First Lady Grace Mugabe has claimed.

Speaking at Mataga growth point in Mberengwa in the Midlands Province on Friday, she said it has been reported that her husband was rich and had lots of money, but he was “just a simple man, who was passionate about the suffering people of Zimbabwe”.

“Where have you seen a person who commits their life to suffering for other people? Mugabe has committed his life to his life to suffering and he is suffering for you,” she said.

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“You hear people lying that Mugabe has money, lots of money and even when the land reform started, some white farmers thought they could come to me because they thought, since I was young, I could be bought, they offered me $10 million and I refused. I am prepared to suffer for the people of Zimbabwe.”