Posh graves for the rich: Would you pay R55 000 for a burial site?


Burials can cost up to R55000 each at a posh new private cemetery near Soweto but residents are complaining it is unaffordable.

The Nasrec Memorial Park is an exquisite private cemetery a stone’s throw from Diepkloof, Soweto, but residents complained that it was expensive and they could not afford to bury their loved ones there.

There are graves at the site already , surrounded by well-manicured lawn, sprinklers and a fountain of water . The area is patrolled by 24-hour security .

It costs between R10000 and R55000 to bury someone at the Nasrec Memorial Park.

Diepkloof Zone 5 resident Sibongile Mthembu felt the place was high priced and prevented many people nearby from being buried in the new cemetery.

“It is not right. Who can afford that place? Why must they make it expensive?” asked Mthembu.

Another resident, Jabulile Boikanyo, said her family could not afford to bury a person there because of the prices that are charged.

“It is expensive to bury a person in that place and where will my children find the money to bury me there?” asked Boikanyo.

She said when the area was being built, they were told that it was going to be a recreational park and were shocked when they learnt that it was a private cemetery.

“I have heard that it is a very beautiful place apart from it being expensive. My worry is I don’t want to leave my children homeless after spending big monies burying me,” she said.

Mayela Mane said it was sad to pass near the cemetery when heading to Avalon cemetery.

“I stay next to the cemetery and would have loved to be buried there, but I don’t have the money to be buried there,” said Mane.

Thabang Ramarumo, manager at Style Funeral Services in Diepkloof, said they were consulted by the management of Nasrec Memorial Park before the cemetery was built.

Ramarumo said he recommended to his clients they bury their loved ones there because of the good services offered.

“Their services are good and I don’t have any problems with them.

I have buried a few people there. It is nearer for my clients in Diepkloof and some can walk to visit their loved ones,” he said.

According to a funeral parlour owner in Johannesburg, it costs between R1200 to R1600 to secure burial space in the state-owned cemeteries in the city.

City Parks did not respond to questions sent.