Police Officer in HOT SOUP after he demanded and received $4 BRIBE


A Police Officer has been arrested after he demanded and received $4 from a Combi crew at a road block along the Kwekwe­ Redcliff Road.

Dennis Tapiwa Marerwa (33) and the conductor of the commuter omnibus Thomas Mukange appeared before Kwekwe resident magistrate Taurai Manwere facing corruption charges. They were allegedly caught by a team led by Senior Assistant Commissioner Ernest Muchenjekwa exchanging the bribe.

It is the State case that on September 12, Marerwa was in charge of the roadblock which he was manning together with Constables Proud Gore, Obert Mafuta and Anthony Guwuriro when he stopped a commuter omnibus on its way to Kwekwe. The kombi allegedly overloaded by two passengers and the crew was supposed to pay a fine of not less than $10. But the State alleges that Marerwa demanded and was given $4 as a bribe to let the kombi pass without receiving an admission of guilt ticket.


This happened while Muchenjekwa was passing in his official vehicle and spotted them exchanging money.

He then instructed his driver to stop the car and reverse to the roadblock. While the car was reversing, Marerwa is alleged to have dropped the money. Muchenjekwa is alleged to have recovered the $4 which was now on the ground, leading to the arrest of Marerwa and the conductor on charges of corruption.

The two pleaded not guilty to the charges and were remanded out of custody on $50 bail each. The matter will be heard on September 28.