Pole Dancer Zoey a Drug Addict, Overdosing On Bronco and Missing Shows


Pole dancer Zoey Noleen Sifelani, whose fortunes have taken a wane, accuses former dancers of spreading malice against her.

The self-proclaimed s3x therapist has been accused of abusing cough syrup- broncleer- which has been her failing to attend some of her shows.


In an interview with H-Metro, Zoey said she was aware of the rumours, but would not lose sleep over claims she believes are being spread by haters. “I am aware of all these rumours circulating about myself abusing drugs to supposedly boost performances during shows and it is not even trued.

People are jealous of me and I know this is coming from some of my former dancers whom I have expelled nenyaya yekusada kugeza. As artiste, we work with people from different backgrounds and our fans expect us to be neatly dressed as part of their expectations, so kana vanhu vasingade havo zvekugeza nekuonekera pamberi pevanhu as dancers, then it becomes a problem.

At the same time, our industry has got a lot of competition and some of these artistes are now using the same rumour to tarnish my name so as to get favours from promoters.

Some of these promoters are curious to hear from me about the same issue abusing of drugs to gain confidence on stage, but let it be known from today that I don’t take drugs in any performances”.

She added: “To my surprise more gossips are circulating that I have been banned from performing in popular entertainment joints such as Holly’s Hotel and Night Club because of drugs.People should know what they talk about, I am holding performances on Wednesday at the Razzle Nite Club.

Also, due to stiff competition in our industry these days, I am now working with promotes outside Harare, last week I was in Victoria Falls performing there. For those promoters who are failing to get hold of me on the phone, I have got a new line, I have stopped using my previous on for personal reasons. All haters should stay away from me.

I am still in good books with my promoters. The talented dancer also revealed she is set to launch her new video titled Love Wami in collaboration with Nasty Tricks in September.