Patson Dzamara has presented a petition at the World Bank in Washington


Patson Dzamara has presented a petition at the World Bank in Washington, USA. He wrote :”It is with growing concern and dismay that the citizens of Zimbabwe are observing our government’s ‘re-engagement’ with the international community, more specifically institutions such as your own. For over a decade, despite cosmetic changes and several elections of questionable validity, this same government in its various incarnations has presided over the catastrophic decline of the economy.

Patson Dzamara at World Bank


For an international institution such as the World Bank to now even consider extending financial help to such a government is more than disappointing, it is a betrayal.

Let me be clear. Any such financial aid would NOT be extended to Zimbabweans, and would NOT benefit people on the ground. Quite the contrary, it would extend the lifespan of a crumbling regime that is harmful to the future of the people and nation of Zimbabwe.



It is actually likely that such financial support would directly fund the very mechanisms,  physical and otherwise, that cause such harm to a long-suffering population.

Patson Dzamara at World Bank