A pastor who hired a Gweru lady of the night and later failed to pay for services rendered was later blackmailed by the woman.

The woman demanded $2 000 or she would expose him. Pastor Penias Kadungure of the Presbyterian Church in Gweru appeared before civil court magistrate Miss Judith Taruvinga applying for a peace order against the hooker, Caroline Guduza, of Riverside suburb.Guduza told Miss Taruvinga that she was a prostitute who operates from Gweru’s Central Business District. She said she was first hired for s.ex by Pastor Kadungure in May last year and went on to charge him $20.

“He said he had $15 and so he gave me his cellphone number so that I call him for the remainder. The following day I asked him for my balance which he didn’t have. He said his wife was a teacher outside Gweru and we would communicate during the week till Friday when she returned home. I didn’t extort money from him because we were now in a relationship. I also didn’t know that he was a pastor. He told me that he was a civil servant,” said Guduza.

She said Pastor Kadungure made her relocate to her new lodgings in Riverside suburb since he was now paying her rentals and buying food. Guduza said the man of cloth even barred her from sleeping with other men. “He said he had problems with his wife and he would visit me time and again until sometime in August when he said he was terminating our relationship,” she said.

Pastor Penias Kadungure
Pastor Penias Kadungure

In his affidavit, Pastor Kadungure said he met Guduza at a food outlet in Gweru in May last year.  “That time things were unwell at home and I was trying to refresh. Later I realised that she was a prostitute and I told her of my position to stop the whole issue because I’m a pastor,” said Pastor Kadungure.

He said Guduza then started extorting money from him threatening to expose their affair to the public. “She calls or texts demanding money of which I don’t have and I’m borrowing from friends because I’m afraid of being exposed by her,” Pastor Kadungure said.He said because of his association with Guduza, he was now deep in debt.

“I have been siphoned monthly rentals, utility costs, food costs and I told her back in May that I needed to stop paying but she refused and threatened me with unspecified action,” Pastor Kadungure said.Miss Taruvinga granted Pastor Kadungure the peace order.“Order is granted. Respondent (Caroline Guduza) is barred from calling the Applicant or communicating with him in whatever manner or through agents.

Respondent is further ordered to desist from extorting any money from the Applicant and making any threats of whatever nature,” ruled the magistrate.