Pastor Mboro claims he ‘took Lundi to heaven’


Pastor Mboro has lambasted a false report claiming that he accompanied late gospel star Lundi Tyamara to heaven, before resurrecting himself.

The far-fetched story surfaced this week on Facebook.It stated that Mboro died with Lundi and accompanied him to heaven before resurrecting himself and returning to earth.mboro

The pastor, who once claimed to have visited heaven, said that the story was an attempt to “destroy” him and his credibility.

“It is painful to hear such accusations. People like to damage my reputation to boost their brands. They put words into my mouth. It is because I am a prominent prophet and a threat to many people. I plead for people to stop denting my name with false stories,” Mboro said.

He added that he did not have “access to heaven” and that only Jesus had the power.

“People should leave Lundi alone because even his sisters are struggling with his death. He is in heaven now with no more sickness and pain,” Mboro said.

Mboro visited Lundi prior to the gospel star’s death last month and offered to move the ailing musician to a private hospital for treatment. His offer was never accepted and a feud between Mboro and family members made headlines.