Pastor George Mundawarara ARRESTED for s-odomising another man from church


A Pastor with Bethsaida Apostolic Church was taken to court facing allegations of s-odomising a 21-year-old man from his church he was taking care of at his house in Harare’s Tynwald North Suburb.

George Mundawarara, 52, was taken to the Harare Magistrates court facing aggravated indecent assault charges.

Circumstances leading to his arrest were that sometime in September this year, the 21-year-old called Mundawarara asking him if he could assist him with school fees. The name of the young man has been withheld.

Allegations are that Mundawarara then told him that he was supposed to travel to Harare and stay with him at his house while he looked for the school fees.

pastor mundawarara

It is the State’s case that the 21-year-old and his brother travelled to Harare from where they were staying sometime in Mid September and went to Mundawarara’s place of residence in Tynwald North.

On the day of their arrival at the Pastor’s house, Mundawarara reportedly asked the complainant to accompany him to take a bath.

Allegations are that while they were bathing, Mundawarara grabbed the man by the back of his head and forced a lollipop sweet into his mouth. The man is said to have started feeling ‘dizzy’.

Pastor Mundawarara reportedly started cleaning the man’s manhood with soap, while squeezing it. After taking a bath, Mundawarara and the man went to a ‘tuckshop’ where the complainant and his brother were supposed to sleep.

The State had it that before they retired to bed, Mundawarara ordered his congregant to remove all his clothes. Further allegations are that the man of cloth started caressing, kissing and s-ucking his congregant’s ‘baby making pipe’

Pastor Mundawarara later took some oil, seared it on his manhood before rubbing some onto the man’s back before pummeling him from behind.

After three days, Pastor Mundawarara took the man for prayers in Waterfalls where they shared a bedroom at night after the church service.

It is said that as they were sleeping, the 21-year-old was awakened by the Pastor who was now ‘entering’ him from behind again.

The man reportedly bled after the man of cloth forced his manhood into his a-nus.

Pastor Mundawarara’s offence came to light after the 21-year-old revealed the incident to his friend.

His friend later informed another Pastor from the church who then decided to take the matter to the Police leading to Mundawarara’s arrest.

In a surprise turn of events, the 21-year-old withdrew the matter before his pastor pleaded to the charges.

“He is my brother and I am currently staying at his house, ” said the 21-year-old when asked why he had decided to withdraw the charges.

Moleen Murozvi appeared for the State