Pastor Brews Controversy and uses his shoes to cure pimples on women’s PUNANI – his shoes have the power to heal.


JUST when you thought you had heard the last of pastors with unusual healing methods, another video has emerged.

While some pastors have been recorded feeding snakes‚ rocks and dirt to their followers, a pastor from Bloemfontein, Free State claims his shoes have the power to heal.

But the cure is not just for any illness, but specifically for women in the church who have pimples on their punanis!

Victorious Faith Ministries pastor Zendile Andries shared the shocking video on his Facebook page, claiming his shoes have healing powers.

The video, which has been widely circulated on social media platforms, shows the pastor asking a woman whether she had pimples on her punani.

Then a man removes pastor Andries’ shoe before the pastor hands it over to the woman to place between her thighs.

The woman then falls to the floor with the shoe between her legs.

Then another woman appears, saying she went to the bathroom with the first woman.

The woman who was healed can be seen crying as members of the church celebrate.


News of this shocking healing method comes a day after Daily Sun wrote an article about Prophet Theo Maseko of Breath of Christ Ministries in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni.

Maseko claims to heal people using engine cleaning fluid.

Maseko told Daily Sun the liquid attacks viruses in a person’s body and can also detect demons.

Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva, chairwoman of The Rights of Religious, Cultural and Linguistic Commmision, sent out a stern warning to fong kong men of God.
She said pastors and prophets who give people strange things to eat and drink in the name of healing would soon account for their behaviour.

Gauteng Department of Health spokesman Steve Mabona said sick people should visit health facilities for assistance.