One on One with Prophet Magaya


PHD Ministries Leader Prophet W. Magaya regularly has question and answer sessions with his followers. These are some of the questions he was asked at the weekend.

Question: Since I was born l have never known my biological father and it pains Me. Should I just let it go.

Answer: Yes let it go. Focus on the good that God is doing. The reason why they might not be telling you is to protect you, it could hurt you more knowing who your father is. Let it go because what you do not know can not hurt you. You are a fully grown woman now and should not worry about that.

Question: I am into mining and there is one day during the week in which the traditional law of the community I work from does not permit us to work for rituals sake, being a Christian what do i do?

Answer: You do not have a choice but to adhere to their rules you just take it as a day off and ensure you do not perform any rituals

Question: After being delivered and I go back to my family and they want to conduct rituals should I partake?

Answer: In order to maintain your deliverance you should not instead you need to advise them prior to such occasions that you have chosen to follow Jesus Christ so that they do not bother inviting you.

Prophet Magaya's Night of TurnAround
Prophet Magaya’s Night of TurnAround

Question: How do I know God’s opinion about my life.

Answer: We are born very spiritual but we lose touch due to the busy world we are in. You need to be sensitive to the voice of God to hear from God. You need to listen to God with your spirit, pray and fast so you become more spiritual. You need to take charge of what you watch and listen to in order to develop sensitivity to the voice of God.

Question:My daughter is married but she follows white garment cults with her husband how do I convince them to quit.

Answer:Your testimony is all it will take to convince them to quit.

Question: My brother impregnated a girl but he is refusing to take responsibility, as a Christian family how do we handle it?

Answer:You need to make him grow and get him to accept the girl for marriage. Your reaction when the news was broken to you is what is affecting him all he needs is counselling to equip him for marriage.

Question: How do I create an altar?

Answer: It’s just a decree you make you choose a place where you want to pray from. That is where you place your offerings, bibles and mantles.