OMG Woman screams BEN 10s name while having S E X with Husband


A woman’s unfaithfulness was found out after she screamed her lover’s name during QUENCHING sessions with her husband. The husband, Silus Ngwenya, a soldier, told a Harare court that his wife Rudo Matonhodze was having an extra-marital affair. Ngwenya was seekinga protection order against Matonhodze whom he accused of breaching his peace.

“My wife is having an extra- marital affair and each time we are being intimate she shouts her boyfriend’s name,” he said.Ngwenya told Mrs Babra Mateko that Matonhodze was very violent and once attempted to scald him with cooking oil.

“She is in the habit of locking the children in the house whenever she wants to go to her boyfriend,” he said. Ngwenya pleaded with Mrs Mateko to grant his application saying he was tired of being abused by Matonhodze.

Matonhodze denied the allegations. “He is in the habit of burning my legs with candles each time we have a misunderstanding and I have scars all over my legs as a result of that,” she said. Matonhodze said Ngwenya
was highly abusive.

“I am currently staying at my parents’ house because I am fed up of living such a miserable life,” said Matonhodze.Mrs Mateko deferred the matter to Wednesday for ruling.