OMG Woman offers Police Officers PUNANI so as not to be ARRESTED


A FEMALE dagga pusher offered police officers s-ex in exchange for her freedom after she was arrested at a Triangle road block while importing the drug from Mozambique, a Chiredzi heard recently.

Siziba Sikhonzile, 44, of Maguga village under Chief Sitaudze in Beitbridge pleaded guilty when she appeared before Chiredzi magistrate Constance Mutandwa last week.

In mitigation, she told the court that, with the country’s economy in the mire and no jobs available, she had been forced to resort to drug smuggling to survive.

She said the illegal trade had become a source of livelihood for her family, adding the business was keeping her three minor children in school.

The court however, slapped her with a three-year jail sentence, suspending 10 months on conditions.

Prosecutor Beular Mapfidza told the court that, on September 11 this year, Sikhonzile was stopped at a ZRP road block near the Mkwasine turn-off, along the Ngundu-Tanganda road.

She was found in possession of 17.5 kgs of dagga stashed in two carrier bags which she was smuggling from Mozambique to Beitbridge.

The court heard that she had managed to evade several police check points along the way from Mozambique.

At the Mkwasine road block in Triangle, she tried to bribe the cops by offering s-ex in exchange of her freedom.

The cops rebuffed the offer, leading to her arrest.

Source: New Zimbabwe