OMG!!! Man caught Red Handed using MUBOBOBO or WIFI S E X & collected pubic hair glued it on a snake’s back


A man from Gokwe who used to collect female pubic hair as a souvenir after WIFI s e x sessions is at the centre of a storm as his escapades were discovered during a cleansing ceremony. Obert Silempa of Mchina Village confessed before the villagers that he had bedded a number of women using mubobobo and after every session he collected pubic hair and “glued” it on a snake’s back.

The practice which is known as mubobobo is an evil and secret way of enjoying s e x with women, without them knowing.The revelations came out after tsikamutandas (witch-hunters) who were conducting a cleansing ceremony discovered Silempa’s snake at his homestead.He was reportedly ordered to explain why the snake had hair and where he
had got it.

A reliable source from the village confirmed.”Last week there was a cleansing ceremony at Tongwe area and at Mchina Village, tsikamutandas discovered a snake.”It was not just an ordinary snake as it had hair all over. It was just scary.”

The tsikamutandas reportedly ordered Silempa to reveal what he used the snake for and how it had got to have human hair before destroying the snake.”Silempa first admitted that it was his snake and he used it for mubobobo. He said that whenever he beds a woman, he removes her pubic hair and glues it on his snake.

“He even revealed that the snake had also bedded some women in the village,” said the source. Villagers were reportedly left traumatised as there are high chances that Silempa bedded the whole village.”The chances are that he has been sleeping with all women in the village if the pubic hair on the snake is used to try and come up with the total number.

“The snake was burnt and Silempa has to appear before Chief Njelele for hearing,” said the source. Chief Njelele confirmed the incident saying the matter is yet to be heard at his court where he will get more details of what really transpired.”A tsikamutanda has been at Mchina village and I am yet to get more details when they all come for hearing at my court,” the Chief said.
Source: B-Metro