Olinda Chapel Explains Her Relationship With Kuda Musasiwa


So there is this thing that’s been doing the rounds. Before Kuda and I formed a friendship and business relationship. He didn’t know me. Just like everyone else his perception of me was based on what the “ex” used to say to him about me. Or better still. The picture he used to paint so everyone thinks I am a mental case.olinda

When Kuda and I finally met and had a chance to talk. He got to know the real me and realised he was being given the wrong impression about me. That I was actually a cool person. He was the first person to apologise for trolling and saying all those nasty things about me. Which was big of him.

Kuno tinotadzirana but tinoregererana (moyo wamai Maria, ndozvatodzidzoswa kumasowe. Kuva nemutsa ne Tsitsi nekuvaka chinonzi rudo). So I am aware of what Kuda once thought of me and I managed to forgive him and move past it. Now those who are bringing this up now, because you are an enemy of progress tiri kukuonai hedu.

Trying to divide my team and the hard work we have put in is definitely not a good idea. We move like a pack of wolves and our moves are calculated. We will always remain two steps ahead of you. Saka please take your desperation and try and invest the passion you have to destroy us into building yourself. My team stays strong and it stays winning. Have a blessed Saturday