Olinda Chapel Just Deactivated Her Facebook Account After Stunner D!ssed Her


Just when everyone thinks the Stunner-Olinda drama was a thing of the past, the exes always do something to remind us that it isn’t over till it’s over.

This afternoon Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme tore into his ex-wife Olinda Chapel on his facebook account. This was after Olinda squared off with Kuda Chamisa yesterday blasting him for body shaming her after Kuda made a seemingly tasteless video which threw digs at Olinda.


Olinda is known to be quite sensitive when it comes to her body image and has championed several women across the country to embrace their plus size shapes.

Stunner fired shots at Olinda telling her to take several seats.He suggested that Olinda blasting Kuda for body shaming is an issue of the pot calling the kettle black as she more than often bullies others on Facebook. Below is the wisecrack post from Olinda’s ex-husband.

Ms Chapel has since deactivated her Facebook account and the post is a stray’ bullet’, as she is not there to answer to her case.