Obama plans comeback


Barack Obama is preparing for his return to politics and public life, according to a longtime friend.

Friend and former US attorney-general Eric Holder said yesterday the former president was “ready to roll”.barack obama

Holder said he had been in talks with Obama about how he could make a return to politics, including ways he might interact with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which “hopes to “fight back and produce fairer maps” in the American voting process.

Obama asked Holder to head that committee last year.

This news comes after it was revealed last month the Obamas are set to attain a record-breaking book contract.

Michelle and Barack Obama are poised to make at least $60-million (about R780-million) from the book deal.

According to the Financial Times, a bidding war has started between publishers for the rights.

Although the Obamas will be writing separate books, the couple are negotiating a joint publishing deal.

A number of leading publishers are in the running.

Penguin Random House, which has published three other books by the former American president, is said to be in pole position.