Nox and Mai Gamu finally make peace


Urban grooves musician Nox Nguni and his former Girlfriend Paida Zvirikuzhe, better known as Mai Gamu in showbiz circles, are now good friends, thanks to local promoter Spencer Madziya for facilitating the truce.

The former lovebirds had become public enemies following nasty breakup which resulted with the two exchanging harsh words on social media. In an interview, Madziya said he engaged the two after realizing that their breakup was tarnishing Nos’s image.


“The difference between Nox and Amai Gamu had nothing to do with anyone since it is their private lives, but I decided to facilitate for peace between them after I realized their differences were not just affecting their lives, but Nox’s musical career as well.

I am happy to inform you that they are now good friends and after having a long discussion with them, Amai Gamu has said he is prepared to market Nox’s music locally,” he said. Nox said he was happy with the peace between him and his former girlfriend and went on to thank Madziya for facilitating the truce.

“The reason I came from South Africa was to clean my imaged before releasing my next album which I am still working on. I am now targeting the whole Africa as a market so it was important for me to clean my image since most musicians in Africa don’t prefer collaborating with controversial musicians.

So I want to thank Boss Spencer for facilitating peace between me and Amai Gamu. Boss Spencer has always stood by me and many other artistes and I want to thank him for that,” he said. Amai Gamu confirmed the truce adding that she no longer holds anything against Nox. “What was lacking between Nox and I was a third-party and thanks to Boss Spencer for helping us to resolved our differences,” she said.