Ninja Lipsy: I don’t want to get married


Ninja Lipsy says she is not getting married anytime soon because this will end her career.

Although she is in a steady relationship, Lipsy said her marriage is not an achievement at all; hence it is not part of her list of priorities in life.Ninja Lipsy

“People should expect new and big musical projects from me this year, not wedding bells. I am in a steady relationship with a guy that I am not at liberty to reveal. He is not a public figure munhu anongozvitsvagirawo mari yake.

“Although my man is supportive, I however, know a number of female artistes who were finished when they got married.”

Her other priority was to push her music onto the international market. “I am glad Lipsy is now a popular name in Zimbabwean music circles so my challenge now is to push the name and works into regional and international music markets.”

Though she has made her name in Zimdancehall as a chanter, Lipsy has no album under her name.

“I only have single tracks on the market but this year definitely I am going to release an album,” said the Highfield-born artiste.