Nigerian dancehall singer Burna Boy eyes local artists


Popular Nigerian dancehall singer, Burna Boy has engaged local music producer, Verseless in one of his songs titled ‘Single’.

The song is in Burna Boy’s recent album titled ‘On A Spaceship’ which was released last week in Nigeria. ‘Single’ features another hot African artiste, Wizkid.

“I produced the instrumentals for the song. The link up was when he came to Zimbabwe some time ago for the opening of Pablo’z,” said Verseless.

“The song was recorded by Simba Tagz during Burna Boy’s visit and that is how I got to be the producer,” added Verseless.

Burna Boy

On how he felt working with the dancehall artiste, Verseless said, “For me it means a lot. I love trying different things with different people. Working with him was an awesome experience and the song sounded good.”

Verseless says the collabo was only one of many with artistes from around the world.

“I look for pockets of light where there is splendidness. It does not matter where one comes from. I am dropping an album later this week and it features many nationalities from around the world.”

“I am open to people who are splendid in their craft. This album has a rapper from Kazakhstan, a singer from Swaziland, a beat-boxer from France and more.”

Asked what genre he specialises in, Verseless says, “I am versatile, I am a genre jumper, I listen to everything so when I make music I grab everything and fuse it. I call the genre Afro Future, or Future Afro, however you want to say it.”

He is releasing a single titled ‘Simba’ on Thursday this week at News Café. The song features Ora, a spoken word artiste. “The song is the beginning of the Afro Future sound.”

On his inspiration, Verseless said, “I am inspired by Timbaland. As much as he is a producer, he is also an artiste because of how different he is, he has a signature and that is what I also do. Dr. Dre is another one, and Pharell Williams.”