Nasty C claps back at accusations of ‘just rapping in English’


Nasty C’s clapback skills escalated real quick when one tweep attempted to troll him for apparently only rapping in English.

What seemed to start off as an innocent conversation about Nasty C’s style of rap, moved very quickly into a Twitter tiff, that saw the rapper top the trends list.nasty+c

 The Twitter user said that even though she had “a crush” on Nasty, she didn’t like that he rapped only in English.

Nasty did not take kindly to the statement and set the record straight with a string of spicy tweets.

“1. That’s not Dj Bongz. 2. If you feel you don’t relate or enjoy my music, by all means, stop listening coz u won’t  and can’t change it,” he tweeted.

The rapper suggested that people do their research before bombarding him with accusations.

Nasty also made reference to some of his Zulu tracks like Amambara, and made it clear that he would not rap to prove a point to anyone.