Nandi Madida to take the ‘natural hair’ debate to Paris


TV personality Nandi Madida is “honoured” to be the voice of SA women, when she jets off to Paris in June to speak at the Natural Hair Academy conference.

The annual event has been dubbed to be the largest conference for women of African descent in Europe.nandi

Women from across the globe will gather at the conference to speak about teaching the youth, to embrace their natural heritage.

Nandi who has become known for her signature pixie afro, said that it was an absolute honour to have been selected.

“It is absolutely amazing. It is just an honour to be called to speak for what I stand for, which is basically being confident in your own skin and with your own hair,” she said.

Nandi added that it was important to have conversations to inspire women to embrace their natural heritage as Africans.

The actress believed that most issues that Africans had with themselves, stemmed from the struggles of the past such as colonialism. “This conversation is important and is one we need to have, especially for young girls and boys. So that they learn to feel beautiful with whom they authentically are,” she said.

Nandi who became a new mom after giving birth to her son, Shaka in November said that her mission was not discredit any hairstyle or body type, but rather to inspire women.

She explained that her natural signature look was a progression, after trying almost all hairstyles when she was younger.

“I’ve realised that our beauty comes with understanding, who we are first. I mean, in high school I had almost every hairstyle, weaves, relaxed hair and many things that damaged my hair,” she said.

Nandi can’t wait to share her journey with other women and hopes to also draw inspiration from them.

Other speakers include blogger Courtney Danielle, French actress Aïssa Maïga and singer-songwriter Imany who is originally from Comoros. The Natural Hair Academy Conference will take place on June 10.