My wife watches P0RN Please Help me coz I HATE IT!!!


Question: I have been married since 2 years and started a new job recently. Since then, I haven’t been able to devote much time to my wife, who’s a travel photographer and is mostly travelling for work assignments. Earlier, with a less demanding job, I used to ensure I find time for her during weekends at least, but now finding quality time has become a task for both us. Recently, while using her laptop I realised she has taken to watching P0RN and frankly speaking, I was quite disgusted at the discovery. Is this because I have not been able to satisfy her car_nal desirez? Please help me.

Answer by Dr Ashima Pruthi: First things first, there is absolutely nothing wrong in watching P0RN and like men, women have all the right to satiate their sexxxual appetite. Secondly, there is no reason to being disgusted at the revelation. In simple words, yours is a classic case of a modern couple, who’s not able to find time for each other due to your respective high-stress jobs and quite obviously the two of you haven’t been able to make any sexxxual contact for a long time. In all probability, that’s the reason why your wife has taken to watching porn to even out her sexxxual frustration.

I suggest you talk it out with her and tell her that you totally empathise with her. Try not to focus too much on the ‘watching P0RN’ bit because chances are that it’s not such a big deal for your wife as you are making it to be. Lastly, don’t read too much into the issue, also try and find time for each other and indulge in some pampering, both emotional and physical. The two of you really need it! Good luck.

Dr Ashima Pruthi is a Counsellor and Psychologist.

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Source: Times of India