My dead husband is Poking me every night


My dead husbund is Poking me every night. A widow has claimed that her dead husband has been poking her every night. “He died in 2013. Since then he has been tormenting me.

I haven’t been sleeping at night because he would come home and have s-ex with me. At times he would come during the day,” said Siphindile Ncube of Tsholotsho. Some tsikamutandas hired by the local chief reinforced her claims. “So the tsikamutandas came here and told me about this issue without even sharing it with anyone.

They said there was an infant’s skull in my husband’s grave. And whenever the skull manifests, my husband’s skeleton develops flesh and he rises then comes to have s-ex with me,” she said. “I strongly believe in what they told me because I have been seeing my husband,” she added. The tsikamutandas then dug up and burnt the skull.

dead hubby poking her

The relatives of the deceased are furious. One of them, Elliot Dube, said the act by the tsikamutandas was bogus and reported them to the police. The three witch hunters were arrested for unlawful entry.

They however, escaped with fines.