We take a look at Musa “Ntshebe” Ngcobo’s dapper style

Videos of an old bearded man dancing the slickest of moves went viral on social media in 2014.

People were fascinated by this “old man’s” moves, but little did they know that “Ntshebe” was not only a dancer, but a businessman and style fanatic too.

Musa, who continues to catch people’s attention on dancefloors across South Africa, has also become known for his rather expensive taste in clothes and shoes.

When he’s not polishing dancefloors, you can definitely find images of Musa in his best attire, ready to seal yet another business deal.

It also seems like Musa has a fetish for stylish Ben Sherman shoes and happy socks.


His socks need to match his pants

Or his socks need to match his shirt

Ntshebe’s corporate swag needs to be on par always

However, it is not all serious games and no fun with Musa when heading to meetings – sometimes simple casual wear for a meeting with South Africa’s most renowned DJ’s can do.

You can never go wrong with an African print T-shirt

And like his personality, Musa loves adding a bit or a lot of colour to his life.

Louis Vuitton loafers for control

Ladies love his colorful side too

See this style thing is serious to Musa, even when feeding his horses he needs to look a dapper gentleman

In the meantime, even DJ Sbu has big upped Musa’s dance moves on social media.