Mugabe Sculptor Dominic Benhura cleared of negligent Driving Charges


Zimbavbwe’s Renowned sculptor Dominic Benhura has been cleared of negligent driving charges he was facing at the Harare magistrate court. Benhura was taken to court after he knocked down and injured a 14-year-old who was riding his bicycle on his way to school. Magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta acquitted Benhura after the investigating officer, who testified in the matter told the court that the boy was the one who had acted negligently. The police officer told the court that the 14-year-old was negligently cycling in the middle of the road. Benhura had denied knocking down and injuring Brendan Gwarada when his trial opened saying:

“I suddenly heard an impact from the left side and the car windscreen. I also heard a sudden bang on the left side and I took a view on the mirror and saw some stuff. I stopped and turned. When I got to the scene I failed to see him because there some bushes on either side of the road. When I got back I found him lying down and I called my brother.

We were just two when the accident occurred. Another man came and I asked him for water so that I could wash him. People who came to the scene were pronouncing him dead but I didn’t believe them. We rushed to the clinic before we were referred to Parirenyatwa,” he said.

mugabe-sculThe state led by Patience Chimusaru ha it that on May 11 at around midday Benhura was driving a Volvo V7 ACI 9076 due South along Marrion Edwards Road Greendale. On approaching the junction of Marrion Edwards and Alderson Close he then collided with the boy who was cycling his bicycle from Alderson Close into Marrion Edwards road. Reports are that the 14-year-old fell about seven metres from the scene whilst Benhura only stopped about six metres away. The boy sustained broken leg, arm and head injuries. Benhura is alleged to have failed to stop, keep proper look out and was travelling at an excessive speed.

Source-H Metro