Mother-in-law forces newly wed couple to sleep in seperate rooms


A newly wedded couple from Nketa 9 suburb in Bulawayo is sleeping in separate bedrooms at the instigation of the man’s mother who is allegedly refusing to bless the marriage.

 Thus, when Nkosana Nleya and Sidumisile Dlamini want to have s#x, they wait for his mother Agnes Nleya to fall asleep. They then sneak into one of the spare bedrooms to enjoy each other.

After their regular “short” romp sessions the couple quickly creeps back to their separate rooms.nketa-couple

This has been reportedly happening since March this year when the couple started staying together with Nkosana’s mother after their secret wedding in January.

Nkosana (31)’s plight of “nicodemously” enjoying nature’s grandest occasion emerged when he pleaded with a Bulawayo Civil Court magistrate Sheunesu Matova to grant him a temporary separation with his wife while pending divorce.

He said Dlamini (29) was physically and verbally abusing him.

“I am married to Sidumisile Dlamini and she’s physically and verbally abusive not only to me but to other people who we also stay with. She once hit me twice on my head with a metal door handle and knobkerrie before she threatened to stab me with a knife,” said Nkosana adding that Dlamini also damaged his cellphone.

In response, Dlamini, a microscopist at Thorngroove Hospital spewed venom saying her mother in-law was the source of their marital problems as she was refusing to bless their marriage.

“He is lying that I assaulted him and that I am destroying things. We were once customarily married before we separated in 2015 and reconciled last year in December when we decided to legally get married in January without the knowledge of our parents.

“As from January we used to visit each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. We then agreed that we should pretend as if we are not married,” she said.

Then problems escalated in March when Nkosana lied to her that he was travelling to Namibia yet he was going to his previous girlfriend.

“Since we got married without our parents’ knowledge, I then revealed it to his parents and that is when I discovered that his mother did not like me. That’s another reason which also led us to have a secret wedding.

“Currently we are staying at his mother’s house because he told me that the $50 which he is getting is not enough to feed me and our daughter. I sleep in the sitting room with the children and the applicant sleeps in the bedroom alone”.

Dlamini further said the allegations her husband was levelling against her were fabrications to get rid of her from the house despite the fact that he loves her.

“I went to a workshop in Gweru and Nkosana was sending me messages saying he misses me. When I came back as usual, when his mother was fast asleep we then sneaked into one of the rooms and had s#x.

“After the act when I told him that I was now going back to my room, he then grabbed me and I thought he wanted more s#x. I told him I was going to the toilet and he followed me before he forcibly grabbed me and started assaulting me. I screamed and his mother came and that is when he told her I had damaged his phone,” said Dlamini.

In his ruling the magistrate however, ordered the couple not to physically assault each other.