More on Geraldine Baye and Ishmael Matyenyika Sp-erm Scandal…


Social Media is going crazy in Zimbabwe with the Geraldine Ishmael Scandal that is still fresh. Many people have taken to Facebook to express how they feel about the issue. Below are screen shots of their comments….

Geraldine scandal

One man said that Geraldine deserves to have her rent paid since she had to touch duzvi at one point.
Among all that noone seems to be in her defence. Some women are even expressing joy that she was caught.
Here are a few things you didn’t know about Ishmael Matyenyika… for starters the man is very married and according to rumours he has more than 7 different children with different women. He is loaded for real and is working in the mining trade. He made his money back in the day selling cars imported from Japan that he got from Durban until he was involved in an accident and thus after cheating death decided to change his line of business and made money then started cheating on women.

Geraldine Baye duzvi

Geraldine Baye on the other hand is a Harare thigh vendor relying on married men to take care of her. In 2014 she was named one of Harare ‘s elite HURE! So this is her known territory and she is a hustler….. More to come….