Misred says she loves her bigger chassis as she leapt to the defence of plus size women.

She spoke out after the body shaming of Stunner’s wife, Olinda. She said :”You know this goes back to how we are conditioned as society, It may all be just a big joke to some possibly because of the individual and their current news making situation.

MisredAs society we Fat Shame, BodyShaming so openly it is almost sad. What is it that we stand for?

Because I am bigger, does it make me less attractive or less worthy of society acceptance? I am lucky to be a very comfortable woman in my skin, I love every inch of me, but I worry about how we create a negative imagery with regards to plus size women. Insecurity is built on that very premise with a lot of our young girls.

If you are like me, with a bigger chassis lol…. be in love with who you are and don’t allow society to tell you that you are not beautiful. Eat healthy, take care of yourself by exercising to stay fit, dress to impress YOU, and never apologise for any of it because you
are fabulous .

Whatever your size, learn to love yourself and not let others dictate for you.