Mentally challenged man committed suicide by hanging himself


Villagers of Mapira village under chief Chipuriro Guruve were shell shocked yesterday after a mentally challenged man allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree.

The family spokesperson Menious Chipangura (30) confirmed the death of his young brother Maxmore Chipangura (28).

According to Chipangura the deceased was found hanging around 5pm yesterday and a police report was filed around 6pm at Guruve station who only attended the scene at 9 am just to cut the rope and go back lamenting transport problems.

“We were shocked to be called by our neighbour who told us about my brother’s death.

“When l arrived on the tree l found him dead, no one expected this though he was mentally challenged.

“A police report was made yesterday at Guruve police but they only came around 9:30 today to cut the rope .

Man hang


They have gone back to the police station and we are still here guarding the body we do not know until when since we started yesterday.”

When Bulawayo24. com arrived on the scene the body was lying on the ground with sorrowful faces guarding the body.

Village heard Nyika Mapira (91) blamed the death on evil spirits being cast by family members.

“The deceased was mentally retarded as a result of evil spirits being cast by relatives.

“The spirit needs to be exorcised by family members because I see mor life being lost,” said Mapira.

Efforts to contact the police hit the brick wall up to the tie of this writing.