Meet the Ugliest Man in South Africa – Picture


Meet the Ugliest Man in South Africa – Picture. Some people are so ugly that only their mothers could love them. But for businessman David Ntshangase from KwaMsane in Mtubatuba, northern KZN, the
uglier the better.

At the weekend, David organised the first annual King Mubi (ugly) pageant . . . and judging by the crowds, ugly folks are a big hit in the village!

The 40-year-old said he believed ugliness was also the work of God’s hands and had to be as cherished as much as beauty. The sleepy village of KwaMsane came alive on Saturday when David hosted the event at Bit by Bit nightclub.

The competition was only open to men over 25, and hundreds of residents packed the venue to witness the historic event.

simon mbuyazi
King Mubi winner Simon Mbuyazi (centre) with first mubi prince Alfred Jobe and Lucky Mgenge, who took third place.

“I just wanted to change the perception that such competitions are for good-looking people only.

“God’s creatures should be valued and admired equally.

“Ugliness is not a disability and all people need to be given opportunities to showcase their talents,” said David.

He added that he had excluded women from the competition as it was considered an offence in his village to tell a woman she was ugly.

“In my culture, a man has to praise women’s beauty, even if they are not good-looking.”

Local cop Simon Mbuyazi (47) was crowned the ugliest man in the village . . . and he bagged R1 000.

The first mubi prince, Alfred Jobe (60), walked away with R500 while the second mubi prince Lucky Mgenge (55) went home with R300.

The King Mubi winner told the People’s Paper that he was extremely excited about winning the title.

“I’m not ashamed of my looks! When I told my family last month that I wanted to enter the competition, they were very supportive. I appreciate the way God made me.”

Simon added that he was still thinking about how he would spend his money.