Man with 3 wives forces vahosi to wash dirty panties of the other 2 wives


A 79-year-old polygamist is making life hell to his first wife as he is forcing her to watch him enjoying s#x with his other two wives as well as to wash their dirty panties after the act.

Elijah Assani of Assani village under Chief Nyandoro in Mberengwa was dragged to court by his first wife Jesta Zhou (71) who was seeking a peace order. Assani, a father of 30 did not dispute the allegations when he appeared before Mberengwa Magistrate Ethel Matura.ladies-panties

Zhou told the court that Assani is in the habit of having s#x with his two other wives whilst she watched. After their quality time Assani will then hand over their dirty panties to her to wash saying that was her only meaningful contribution as she has lost her ‘se=xual favour’.

Zhou pleaded with magistrate Matura that she wanted her own bedroom since the trio (wives) is sharing the same bedroom. “I no longer get my conjugal rights as his wife so it is best that I move out of the bedroom. I also want him to stop insulting me since this is causing division amongst our children and they might end up hating each other for life,” she pleaded.

Magistrate Matura granted Zhou a protection order that will see her having her own bedroom, kitchen and fields. Magistrate Matura also strongly warned Assani against forcing Zhou to wash their dirty panties and insulting her.

Source-H Metro