Man who tried kidnapping 2 school pupils,attempts suicide in police cell


A Harare man who allegedly tried to kidnap a Borrowdale Primary School pupil a few days ago, attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself with shoe laces while in police custody, the court has heard.

Lloyd Chamburuka (26) is also accused of stealing several pairs of shoes and two school satchels from other pupils at the school.Man Arrested Trying to steal Kids

Chamburuka last week appeared before Ms Tracy Muzondo charged with five counts of theft and one of kidnapping.

He pleaded not guilty to all the counts.

Since he is facing a kidnapping charge which is a Third Schedule offence, Chamburuka was remanded in custody with instructions to apply for bail at the High Court.

On the other counts of theft, prosecutor Mrs Moleen Murozvi-Sibanda opposed bail on the basis that if granted, Chamburuka – who is suicidal – might end his life.

“Your Worship, the accused person is not a proper candidate for bail. There is a likelihood of abscondment since the State has a strong case against him,” she said.

“He also has suicidal tendencies, Your Worship. When he was in police custody, he tried to hang himself using shoe laces.”

In his application for bail, Chamburuka – who lives in Hopley, pleaded for the court’s leniency saying that he had a minor child who has a life threatening condition and needs his attention.

He added that on the day in question, he had visited his sister in Borrowdale to borrow some money so that he could take his child to hospital.

“I admit that I took the boy from the school premises. When I saw him he was already outside the school gate,” he said.

“I used to sell wares at the school gate, so when the boy saw me he identified me and he asked me to buy him some Zap-nax. He then started following me.”

Chamburuka will be back in court on June 29 for trial.

It is the State’s case that on June 21 at Borrowdale Primary School, Chamburuka approached the six-year-old boy and asked him to accompany him outside the school premises.

He promised to buy him some foodstuffs. The victim’s brother spotted the pair walking outside the school perimeter. He rushed to notify his class teacher about the case.

The class teacher then informed another teacher who accompanied her to search for the boy. Chamburuka was apprehended about 500 metres away from the school yard while walking with the victim.

He was taken to the school offices and was found in possession of two satchels and three pairs of school shoes. He was then taken to the police.