Man Stabs Wife To Death After Catching Her In Bed With Another Man


A Kwekwe woman from Amaveni was killed by her boyfriend yesterday after he caught her in the clutches of another man in their bedroom.

The man, who has a child with his now deceased girlfriend murdered her in what is believed to be a crime of passion. According to neighbors the woman had been seeing another man behind her boyfriend’s back.

murderThe boyfriend who is believed to be a gold panner spent several days away from home thus giving his girlfriend ample time to fraternize with her lover. The two were caught red handed after the man got a tip from a concerned neighbour. In a fit of rage, he stabbed his girlfriend 8 times and she is believed to have died on the scene.

murder2-576x1024After realizing what he had done he tried to kill himself as well by setting an explosive in the house. It was believed his work at the mines gave him access to the dangerous explosive.

Fortunately the killer didn’t die and it looks like he will face justice for killing his girlfriend in cold blood. The woman’s relatives who arrived on the scene shortly after the horrendous events were too grief stricken to give any comments.

The police are yet to release an official statement to the public.