Man STABS girlfriend, cousin & workmate he suspected of having an affair with his lover


A man from Lower Gweru allegedly stabbed his girlfriend, his cousin and a workmate he suspected of having an affair with his lover, a court heard. Thembani Mabhena, 21,of Gebuza Village under Headman Mdubiwa in Lower Gweru,appeared before regional Magistrate Morgan Nemadire facing three counts of attempted murder and two counts of assault.

He pleaded not guilty to all counts and was remanded in custody to September 28.In his defence, he said he did not stab anyone but he assaulted his girlfriend because he thought she was having an affair.“I didn’t stab anyone but I assaulted my girlfriend because she didn’t answer my call and I thought she ignored it because she was cheating on me,” said Mabhena.

Prosecuting, Prisca Kanhukamwe told the court that on February 11 this year, Mabhena had a misunderstanding with his girlfriend, Oppah Mpofu he accused of cheating on him with his workmate.“While they were arguing, Mabhena started assaulting Mpofu threatening to kill her. Relatives intervened and restrained him from further assaulting her,” said

Mpofu ran away but later returned and that is when Mabhena threatened to kill everyone who had stopped him from assaulting her, the court heard.“He drew a knife from his pocket and threatened to kill everyone and that is when Mpofu ran away and locked herself in a room but Mabhena forced it open,” said Kanhukamwe

While inside the room, Mabhena allegedly stabbed Mpfou on the back and just below the shoulder.Kanhukamwe told the court that Mpofu managed to crawl out of the room but fell unconscious.The next morning, she was found by Samuel Mabhena who rushed her to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

“On the same day at around midnight, Mabhena’s cousin Delani Hadebe and Mabhena’s sister went to Mabhena’s homestead to fetch her six months old baby she had left behind in the afternoon after Mabhena had charged at her with a
knife trying to kill her,” said the prosecutor.

The duo met Mabhena at the gate and he asked them who they were and Hadebe told him that he was his cousin. Mabhena took a knife and stabbed Hadebe on the mouth, at the back and throat, the court heard.It is alleged that a day before Mabhena stabbed his girlfriend, he accused her of having an affair with his workmate, Thabiso Mhlanga.

Kanhukamwe told the court that on that day at around 2AM, Mabhena went to Mhlanga’s house and stabbed him on his left hand.

Source-The Chronicle