Man On The Run After Violating Minor


Police have launched a manhunt for a 36-year-old Harare man who would waylaid a Grade Six pupil from his neighbourhood on her way to school before ra_ping her in the bush, a court heard.

 It was alleged that Clever Hondo, 36, ordered the pupil to dress up and go to school after ra_ping on her on the grass.Zimbabwean farm workers

Hondo’s trial was due to commence before Harare magistrate Lucy Mungwari this week but he could not be located after he was granted bail by the High Court.

He is being charged with two counts of ra_pe and a warrant of arrest has been issued against him.

The complainant is a Grade Six pupil from Ushewekunze in Harare.

The court heard that sometime in September last year, the victim left her home around 7am going to school.

It was alleged that she used a path that had grown tall grass and along the way, met Hondo.

The minor increased her speed fearing that she was walking alone and was being pursued by Hondo in the bushy path.

The court heard that Hondo advanced towards the girl and pushed her to the ground before caressing her privates.

It was alleged that he pulled his pants to the knees before forcibly removing the juvenile’s underwear and ra_ped her.

The minor cried for help during the ra_pe but no one helped her since she was in a secluded area.

After the act, Hondo threatened the girl with unspecified action and ordered her to dress up and proceed to school.

On the second incident that same month, Hondo followed the girl again on her way to school and dragged into the bush before ra_ping her.

She later revealed the incidents to an aunt before the matter was reported to the police.

Hondo was tracked down and arrested.