MAN named one of his donkeys after his neighbour’s wife – Weeks later all his donkeys Died


A MAN named one of his donkeys after his neighbour’s wife  and some weeks later all his donkeys were killed!

Motion Ndlovu and Moses Phiri are neighbours from Lower Gweru and there’s no love lost between them. As such, Ndlovu bought two donkeys and allegedly named the “beautiful” one of the two after Phiri’s wife Mary.

In no time, Mary the donkey was seen grazing at Phiri’s garden and Ndlovu refused to take responsibility which meant he would have to compensate Phiri. Thereafter, battle lines were drawn.

A month later, Mary and the other donkey were found dead and the seemingly obvious suspect was Phiri.
Now Ndlovu is blaming Phiri for Mary’s death.



“I bought my donkey Mary some five months ago and Phiri seemed to have a problem with me achieving something in my life. I am not the one who named the donkey Mary, where I bought it they had already given her a name and I continued using it. Phiri and other villagers who want to cause trouble began to spread rumours that I named the donkey after his wife,” said Ndlovu.

He wants Phiri to pay for the donkeys’ death.

“I am very sure he has a hand in the death of my donkeys. I asked for a cow which I think is reasonable considering that I lost two donkeys. I don’t know how he did it but I suspect some black magic around my donkeys’ death,” said Ndlovu.

But Phiri told B-Metro that Ndlovu was a reckless owner, that’s why he lost his donkeys to death.

“Why would I kill his donkeys? Phiri always left them unattended, entering people’s gardens. What if they ate poisoned vegetables in someone’s garden? He named one of his donkeys Mary — my wife’s name!  He is always looking for a way to create tension but this time I will not keep quiet,” said Phiri.

Phiri added that he would not aid Ndlovu’s “get rich quick” scheme by paying him anything.

“As for him demanding a cow from me, he is crazy. He has never owned a cow in his life so if he thinks he is going to own one from falsely accusing me he must be dreaming. Maybe someone from our village who was tired of his donkeys grazing in people’s gardens and fields did it,” said Phiri.