Man leaks Videos of Nasty Ordeal with Chinhoyi Traffic Cops – Are Cops even Allowed to Do that?


Man leaks Videos of Nasty Ordeal with Chinhoyi Traffic Cops – Are Cops even Allowed to Do that? See below as Tawanda N Nyamukapa tells his story as he narrated on Facebook what cause this… 

After giving myself a bit of time to come to terms with what happened I hope a summary my experience can offer guidance to someone in the same position.

On Wednesday 7 June I was driving back to Lusaka with my brother and two other passengers I had picked up along the way.

My car has foreign plates. Just before entering Chinoyi, the cops stopped us and asked for my TIP form, the one that can allow me to leave the country.

One of the guys at the back seat didn’t hv his seat belt on and the officer that stopped us was quick to notice that error. I asked them to show me where it said the passages at the back should have a seat belt on and how much the fine was.

The officer flips through his book which was typed and printed from page one to the end. He shows me were it says the fine is $1. However there is a zero written in pen and not even the same font as the typed part of the document.

I was not comfortable and asked them how does one type everything but a zero? And they demanded it on the spot.

As I am explaining to the officer the reasons why I was not comfortable paying an extra $9, a Honda fit full of people (one person in the trunk as well) passed where we were. I then pointed to the officer that his other officers let that car pass and I was very sure not every in the back had a seat belt on. I then became more doubtful of this fine as similar cars drove past us with no consequences. But a car of 4 is getting fined.

We were detained further. I then asked the officer for his name, he then refused to tell me his name.

I told him I was going to report his conduct, he then began to threaten impounding my car on trumped up charges. He explained how I would have to wait to go to court while concurrently extending my leave from work.

I ask for my TIP form so I could go and pay the fine at the police station where they can officially confirm the fine for me before I settle it. The arresting officer then refused that option and decided to call his boss to come deal with me. As the boss was on his way the officer kept aggressively harassing us for money as if to say mentally he concluded that we hv money and we shall give them.

I then told the officer I was recording them. He looked at my phone and saw the camera was on.

He wanted to take my phone and break it in fear of being heard extorting us. He then told his other friends to come and help arrest me.

Tawanda N NyamukapaThey did not have any handcuffs and opted to manhandle me. As one was twisting my arm as the other tried to subdue me. I Just stood my ground. Fortunately my brother was there and had enough time to put his phone in his breast pocket. Cars were passing and for an accountant with a growing reputation the humiliation was too much.

They could not do it for long as cars were passing frequently. I gave them no indication of potentially running away as they had my cars TIP, my car was off, for them to treat me as hostile was unprofessional.

I do not know any of them up to now but they are shaming us by wearing uniform. A fish rots from the head and if the pillars that should hold things together begin to crack we need to expose these areas of weakness. If we ignore what is happening in front of us for so long, more cops will want to make money off us if they see harassing innocent citizens is the working formula.

My bro recorded them panicking and we will make sure we have less thugs to worry about on the road.

When driving keep your phone camera app on or create a shortcut. Every roadblock record the conversation. We can’t keep bribing people to the point were they get violent when u do the right thing. Let people know actions have consequences and all corrupt elements can disappear if we look for them.

#bringbackjustice #notocorruption #myzimbabwe #NoMoneyForBribes