Man humiliated after trying to have S#X with his Mother for JUJU


A polygamous man was humiliated and fined after his attempt to bed his father’s second wife for ritual purpose was foiled. Fortune Joe Katurunga, 48, appeared before headman Dununu (real name Matare) and was fined two beasts for demanding se_x from his father’s second wife Brandalina Soko, 58.

Fortune’s desire to get rich quickly prompted him to visit a sangoma and there are claims that the sangoma asked him to bring semen collected after se_x with a relative in order to receive charms that would enrich him.

Narrating her ordeal, Brandalina said she felt her time to die was near after Fortune approached her for se_x.

“I sweated and nearly fainted after my step- son approached me asking to have se_x with me so as to get rich,” said Brandalina.

“He visited my house during the day and asked my grandchildren to excuse him saying he had a secret that needed us to be alone. He brought beer saying the issue he wanted to discuss with me needed him to be drunk.

“He returned to his home and came back after some minutes. He asked the grandchildren to excuse us for the second time and that was the time he told me the rubbish.

“After my grandchildren left, he revealed that he had visited a sangoma but could not disclose where the sangoma resides claiming that he would become rich. He promised me wealth if I agreed to have se_x with him.

“I felt embarrassed but as a grown up person I controlled myself and sought ways to trap him and have witnesses. I informed his first wife and begged her to behave herself so as to trap him since he had told me that he was coming in the evening to tell me where the love nest was.

“He came around 7pm and I sent my grandchild to inform his first wife and she was on time and heard the entire conversation as he was standing near a window. Akandiudza paekusangana akati ndizotevera kwapera maminitsi mashanu ndisanonoke, paakangobuda mumba mukadzi wake akabva amubata ruoko bongozozo rikamuka musha wose ukamusvereredza tavaudza nyaya yacho.I approached kraal head and he referred me to headman Dununu where he was fined 1 heifer and a goat,” said Brandalina.

Fortune confirmed the incident saying he was drunk when he demanded for se_x from Brandalina. “Ndakaripiswa kutadza kutaura kuna amai vangu,it is true that I approached her demanding se_x and lied that it was for ritual purposes,” said Fortune.

“It was all lust and drunkenness that I failed to realize that Brandalina was my ‘mother’, my father is still alive and staying somewhere. There is no sangoma who asked me to have se_x with my mother, its only lust my dear, I am prepared to give the beasts demanded since I am to blame by acting foolishly because of drunkenness,” said Fortune.

Efforts to get a comment from Fortune’s first wife, Mai Memory was not successful since she was not at home.

Source-H Metro