Man fights with Byo Municipality Cops over Car Clamping – VIDEO


Man fights with Byo Municipality Cops over Car Clamping – VIDEO… According to this video going viral on social media a man in Bulawayo challenged the local officers as he didn’t want his car to be clamped…. According to Musvo Zimbabwe:

Events said to have happened at Entumbane complex in Bulawayo . Owner of the car refusing to pay an extra 5 dollars or have his car further clamped by the municipal police citing that he had already paid the 20 dollars for car registration which he went to his home to collect…he is seen here saying “what more do you want from me ….I’ve already paid 20 dollars for Zinara.. what more do you want from me…. don’t touch my car…get away from my car…had it not for the respect I have for these police officers I would have long clobbered you”

It is not known what became the end of this scuffle Sisi Vee…¬†We are always being harrassed by the municipal police especially in the CBD for parking discs etc…lately cars get towed away if found to have multiple fines…and owners foot the towing bills…it is needless to say parking space is fast be coming scarce in Byo.

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