Man dumps wife,moves in with ‘maiguru’ brother’s wife


A Mzilikazi man stunned the court here when he openly declared that he dumped his wife of many years to cohabit with his late brother’s wife who is also a businesswoman as she was “good in bed”.

Timson Moyo, 38, was forced to reveal the unexpected when he was responding to claims by his wife Nomhlanga Mlalazi, 35, who in her maintenance court file had accused him of being an irresponsible dad.caught red handed

Mlalazi file an application seeking upkeep of a total of $210 per month for their two children.

“Your worship, my husband no longer cares for us. He is in love with his late brother’s wife who is a businesswoman. I don’t have money to pay school fees for the children,” Moyo said.

She told further told the court: “Sometimes he can spend the whole month in Plumtree at his brother’s wife’s place.

“My children are no longer getting their father’s love. “I am suffering alone with them while their father is busy with her, squandering the money that is meant for his children.”

However, in response, Moyo did the unexpected comparing his wife of 12 years to his newly-found love nest.
He said there was nothing wrong with his move as his late brother’s wife had “better services”.

“I am offering $100 for the upkeep of my children. I love my brother’s wife and I don’t think that there is any problem about that,” he said.

But magistrate Tinashe Tashaya apparently not amused by Moyo’s stubbornness whipped him into line, telling him he was disrespectful.

He, however, ordered him to pay $210 for the upkeep of his children with immediate effect.

“If this woman was claiming more than $210, I was going to grant her application because you don’t show respect. You also have to know that there is no pleasure without responsibility,” Tashaya ruled.