Man Caught Pants Down Enjoying Brother’s Wife


A man from Harare sensationally claimed that his wife was caught indulging in s3x with his brother.

John Sibanda, 28, made the claims at the civil court saying his sister caught the two enjoying s3x. As a result, their marriage is now on the rocks. The teenage woman had dragged her husband to court applying for peace and protection orders.


“She was caught in bed with my own biological brother by my sister-in-law, my brother’s sister. I followed all the Shona customs which are to be followed when a wife is caught having an extra-marital affair,” said Sibanda.

The teenager denied the accusations saying this was a conspiracy against her by Sibanda and his brother’s wife in order to get rid of her.

“My brother-in-law and I were the ones who stayed at home since we were jobless…”

She said Sibanda’s grand plan was to marry a second wife who he is now staying with.

“I was no longer given attention by Sibanda’s relatives, they had stopped giving me food, and I had to walk all the way to my parents’ house to get food, all their attention was now on Sibanda’s new wife,” she said.

She told Magistrate Amanda Muridzo that her husband was abusive.

“He insults everyone he sees talking to me in the neighborhood”, she said.

She told the court that she even left their home and is now at her parents’ house where she is staying with her two-week-old baby.

“I even asked John to settle hospital bills and he refused to pay.”

Sibanda told the court that he had met the teenager at a dance club were they fell in love.

“Your Worship, I do not agree with the allegations that have been made against me, I am not even abusive nor do I even beat her.

“I loved my wife your Worship, I never even took advantage of the fact that she is young”

“I even told her to stop this kind of life since I wanted something serious with her and at first she refused and said that her father suffered a stroke so she is trying to earn some money to take good care of her father since she is not educated and cannot find a proper job.”

After the deliberations, the woman was granted the protection order sought.