It was DRAMA and CHAOS after a 52-year-old Gokwe man was recently humiliated after he was trapped and caught pants down with his son’s wife, Chief Nemangwe has confirmed.

Gift Gondo (28) got wind of his father, Zivanai Gondo’s affair with his wife Eunice Dube and pretended to visit a relative for three days in a nearby village.

Chief Nemangwe said the incident which has left villagers in his area tongue-tied, occurred two weeks ago after Gift had returned home in the wee hours of the following day and found his father undressed in bed alongside his wife in his bedroom hut.

He said a fight ensued between the two and the father stormed out of the hut undressed while the wife was sent packing to her parent’s home. Chief Nemangwe said Gift then brought the matter to his traditional court.

caught red handed
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“I was approached by one of my subjects Gift Gondo after he caught his father Zivanai Gondo pants down with his wife Eunice Dube. I hauled the two before my traditional court where they admitted that they were having an affair.

“In our African culture we do not condone incest, it is taboo for a man to have s-ex with his daughter-in-law,” he said.

During trial, the unperturbed father did not show remorse and indicated that he was willing to take the woman as his second wife because she was ‘sweet’ in bed.

“I then fined him seven beasts, five of which will be given to Gift,” Chief Nemangwe said.

Gift divorced his wife after it emerged that the two had been having an affair for close to a year.

Some villagers claimed that Zivanai had impregnated Eunice resulting in Gift divorcing his wife.

“I got a tip-off from fellow villagers that my father was bedding my wife. I was shocked to find him with her on Monday (last week). I want my father to pay me five cattle so that I marry another woman since he is willing to take my wife,” he said.