Man builds robot,marries it after failing to find a wife


Faced with near constant rejection, he took the enterprising approach and built himself a wife instead.

Zheng Jiajia, 31, is an engineer specialising in AI, so had all the skills to design and programme his partner to his exacting specifications.robot_wifey

He built the ‘female’ robot named Yingying at the end of 2016 and things moved fast, the South China Morning Post reports.

Just a few months later they tied the knot, in a ceremony which, disappointingly, was not legally binding.

Yingying, who weighs 30kg, is able to speak a few simple words and can identify Chinese characters.

Disappointingly for Zheng, she is lacking in domestic skills as she is not yet able to walk.

However, he plans to upgrade her to do housework at a later date as they slowly grow old together.

On the day of the ceremony on Friday, she wore a red shawl around her head and a black suit for the traditional ritual.

One of Zheng’s friends told the paper that he took the unorthodox approach after he couldn’t find a girlfriend.

His mother and friends witnessed the marriage.