Man assaults his disabled father


A man from Bulawayo has landed himself in trouble after he allegedly assaulted his disabled father.

Bhekimpilo Sinyoro (23) of Lobengula suburb yesterday appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Nyaradzo Ringisai charged with assault.Zimbabwean farm workers

He denied the charges and was remanded in custody to February 13 for trial.

Prosecuting, Mr Stewart Madzore said sometime last month, Bhekimpilo assaulted his father Mr Richman Sinyoro (53), who came to court in a wheel chair, after he tried to stop him from assaulting his wife.

“On January 27 this year, the accused person was having an argument with his wife which resulted in him assaulting her. The complainant tried to refrain his son from assaulting his wife. The accused person got angry and turned on his father,” said Mr Madzore.

He said Bhekimpilo assaulted his father with fists and also kicked and slapped him.Neighbours allegedly came to Mr Sinyoro’s rescue and effected a citizen’s arrest.

Bhekimpilo was then handed over to the police.

In a statement to the police, Mr Sinyoro said he was assaulted after he attempted to stop Bhekimpilo from assaulting his wife for going to the shops to help her husband’s mother without his permission.

“My son assaulted his wife in my presence and I tried to stop him. I told him that it was disrespectful that he would assault his wife for helping his mother, my wife, at our shop without his permission. He got angry and turned to me and started assaulting me. I could not fight back because I am disabled. I could not even flee from him,” he said.

Bhekimpilo’s wife, Ms Lindokuhle Sebele (18), told the court that her husband assaulted her because she went with her mother-in-law to the family shop.

“My husband’s mother asked for my assistance and I complied. This did not go down well with my husband and he started to assault me. He threw my belongings out of the house and told me to go back to my parents. My father-in-law intervened, but my husband ended up assaulting him too,” she said.