Man and his wife JOIN FORCES to BEAT UP his Lover & Small House


A woman from Chikanga is lucky to be alive after she was heavily assaulted by her married lover and his wife who broke into her house at night and assaulted her with a big metal rod.

Lizzie Shakata sustained a deep cut just above her left eye following the midnight vicious attack which caught her unawares while undressed.Lizzie Shakata

The assailants, Enock Matanda and his wife Mellisa, pounced on her while she was having quality time with another man who bolted from the scene in the ensuing fracas. Narrating her ordeal to The Weekender, Shakata said she started having affair with Enock as a way of fixing Mellissa whom she accused of sleeping with her lover.

“Mellisa snatched my married lover who used to take care of me and so Enoch and I decided to enter into a love relationship as a way to getting back at her,” she said.

Trouble, she said, started when Enoch was transferred to Mutoko. When he came back a few weeks later he started to give her a cold shoulder since he had reconciled with Mellisa.

“Before he went to Mutoko I gave him $85 to use. When he came back he demanded his clothes which he had left behind at my place of residence but I insisted that he repays me the $85 before I give him his belongings. They then came to my house in the middle of the night and assaulted me using a metal rod.

“After the assault they dumped me at the hospital with no money. I had to spend the rest of that night without receiving treatment. They stole $215 which was in my house and damaged my property,” said Shakata.

Efforts to get a comment from Enoch and Mellisa were fruitless at the time of going to Press after their release from Chikanga Police Station where they were detained following the incident. Neighbours who spoke to The Weekender said the attack was vicious.

One of the nieghbours, Brenda who witnessed the whole drama said Shakata was stark naked when the pair broke into her house.

“She was with another boyfriend when she was attacked. They used a metal rod to force open her door which was locked from inside. Following the attack Shakata called my name asking me to call a police officer who stays nearby. I rushed to get the officer and when we came back Shakata was lying on the ground undressed wreathing in agony. Blood was oozing out from her forehead,” she said.

Another neighbour who requested anonymity said Shakata’s boyfriend disappeared during the melee.

“She had a boyfriend who works at the Magistrates’ Courts. He vanished as the assailants attacked her.”

Source: Manica Post