Magaya man detained fed through window- blocked from attending PHD


A Chitungwiza man whose burnt family house was renovated by Prophet Walter Magaya is reportedly locked inside the house by his brother.

Antony Tole, 50’s brother Kim Tole, 45 along with his wife Tendai Chiyangwa are up against Prophet Magaya demanding the former to join their church in a dispute for control of the house.

Antony, who had mental disorders before Magaya prayed for him, disclosed to H-Metro that Kim and Tendai are locking him inside the house to prohibit him from attending PHD ministries service and feeding him through a window.

“Ndasuwa kuchurch, ndirikuswera ndakavharirwa mumba, zvekudya ndinopihwa zvishoma nepawindow ndozarurirwa kuti ndiyende kutoilet only,” said Antony begging H-Metro to take him to Prophet Magaya.

“Prophet Magaya has been buying groceries and making sure that electricity is paid up so that I enjoy Yadah TV programmes at home.

“My young brother and his wife want me to join Johaane Masowe Yenguwotsvuku and they are locking me inside the house while the wife conducts prayers for their followers.

“Please take me to Prophet Magaya, I am starving and being denied freedom daily. They threatened my church members who were spending time with me saying this is not a PHD house,” said Antony.

Kim unlocked the door to allow Antony time for the interview confirming that he has chased PHD members saying the house does not belong to Prophet Magaya.

“It is true I chased two men who were staying with Antony because they wanted to take this house as Prophet Magaya’s house,” said Kim.

“I understand that you managed to talk to Antony well, haapenge uyu akarova Amai chete saka aitanda botso, what I want from Prophet Magaya is money so that I manage to visit my mother’s relatives and settle the case.

“Prophet Magaya played his part by cleaning all the dirt Antony had but has no right to continue fellowshipping with him because he bought furniture and built the house.

“I want to benefit with my wife and five children also by staying in the house since Antony is still to marry and does not want to hear anything about having a wife.

“Born in a family of four children, Antony and I are the only ones still alive and I have the right to use the house not to be forced to join PHD because of the help we received.



Ndakavatandinisa varume vaviri vaigara naAntony vakatiza vachisiya hembe dzavo ndodzandirikuregerera kupinda mumba macho uye Antony haatibvumire kupinda achiti imba yechechi.

“As we speak we are failing to buy electricity tokens, we want to travel to Bindura, Masembura villages to sell clothes which are in this bag to earn a living. Titakureiwo munotisiya kunaFourth Street,” said Kim.

Prophet Magaya who prayed for Antony in 2013 and built and fully furnished a two bedroomed house for him told H-Metro that his fears are that Antony might be attacked once again if Kim continues to deny him time to pray.

“It is my prayer that Antony receives total deliverance and remains rooted in the word of God since he received light and is back to his senses after prayers,” said Prophet Magaya.

“Antony was living alone with a mental challenge that forced Kim to relocate to Marondera with his family only to return after hearing that I had delivered his brother and built a new house for him.

“I assigned two prayer warriors to make sure they conduct counseling sessions and prayers to make sure Antony receives total deliverance, madhimoni anenharo kanaabata pfungwa dzemunhu.

“These prayer warriors were chased and they are still to get their belongings after Kim stood up against them.

“My fears are that evil spirits will attack Antony again for the word of God says; if evil spirits leave a person they wander in dry places and return to see if Jesus still exists where they were accommodated, if they find him without Jesus the Bible says the end of that person will be worse than before.

“Kim is stealing Antony’s salvation, freedom to what God has given him and abusing him by keeping him locked so that he does not have time to fellowship and pray with me.

“I never forced Kim to join PHD but Antony decided to join us after he received deliverance and he came back to his senses, what is their motive to deny him freedom of worship,” said Prophet Magaya.

However, one of the neighbours told H-Metro that Kim is after accommodating his growing family and wants to turn the house into a shrine.

“The house has been turned into a shrine by Kim’s wife, vanhu varikuswera vachishandirwa nemukadzi wacho ndiko kurikubva pressure,” said the neighbour.

“Antony’s life changed and we thank Prophet Magaya with deliverance, Kim is after accommodating his growing children and wants to make sure Antony leaves the house one way or another.

“We are praying for Antony’s freedom, arikuswera akachengetwa mumba kunge huku nekuti mukoma wake haatendi,” added the neighbour.