LiST OF BEV’s BOYFRiENDS :She is seemingly glowing after finding a new man in her life and gossip has it that she has since turned to her whatsapp profile to tell the story.

This new found love is reportedly a French guy only identified as Ilyas whom controversial raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda allegedly met on a multiracial Whatsaap group that include Indians and Americans amongst others.


The two supposedly clicked and liked each other to the extent that Ilyas is believed to be making way into the country soon.

Love it or loathe it, Beverly has had quite a dating history and how she has to date used this social media platform to target men whom she has been linked to or conceivably attractive to her fondness.

Her journey has not been anything closer to marital, but rather a domestic bliss coupled with romantic bumps in the road. Some of them controversial and notorious.

We all remember of her purported love relationship with Peter Moyo, but she has been linked to many men too, ranging from musicians to footballers.

Here’s a look back at Beverly’s “dating” history or the many men that she has been linked to :

Khama Billiat

In 2013, Bev put Warriors footballer Khama Billiat’s image as her WhatsApp profile picture and a status reading “Zvamunoona mwana uyu takadanana” suggesting that the two were an item.LiST OF BEV's BOYFRiENDS

Bev’s friends are reported to have insisted that Khama had won Bev’s heart, a move that led the Angels Boss to use Khama’s portrait as her WhatsApp profile.

Responding to the claim, Bev said the two were not in a relationship but Khama was just like a brother. “I am not in love with Khama. He is just like a brother. I have known him for some time and that is the nature of our relationship”, she is quoted to have said.

Asked to explain the message she wrote on her WhatsApp, Bev said: “It is just a catchy statement in one of Macheso’s songs; I just fell in love with it”.

David Chigova

Beverly is also believed to have dated the former Dynamos shot-stopper, David Chigovawhom she was then spotted on several occasions with during and after musical shows.LiST OF BEV's BOYFRiENDS

Bev denied the rumours and alleged links with the shot stopper with Chigova rather indicating that it was indeed his friend Khama who was head over heels with the dancing queen.

Patrick Khumbula

Former Dynamos player Patrick Khumbula was back then also reportedly after Bev and he was even reported to have openly begged for a cosy ‘kodak’ moment with Bev at Zoey’s birthday party held at a local hotel in 2013.LiST OF BEV's BOYFRiENDS

In that instance, Bev said she in fact did not know that Khumbula was a footie star; she said she had assumed it was one of her many fans.

Peter Moyo

At one point, Bev used to have Peter Moyo’s image as her profile picture which fuelled rumours that the two were an item. She also clashed with Utakataka Express Fan Monica “Sele” Chikasha after these rumours circulated.LiST OF BEV's BOYFRiENDS

In 2014, the pole dancer hinted could walk down the aisle after divulging the news that she had found love.

Asked who she intended to wed, Bev refused to disclose the name of the “lucky” man, inviting a barrage of questions on whether or not it was South Africa-based footballer Khama Billiat whom she once claimed to be dating.

Meanwhile, asked to comment on her purported new love and French man whom she has been putting on her profile, Bev says “A lot of things have been taken on my WhatsApp statuses”.

If all could be said pertaining to Bev’s response and justification of using variety of men’s images on her profile, it might be perhaps that Bev is so obsessed with these celebrities such that she finds it accommodating to easily attract their attention by so doing.