Limpopo preacher admits to beating girlfriend to make her let go of his genitals


A popular bus preacher in Limpopo who beat up his girlfriend so she could let go of his genitals has been fined R9,000 for assault.

Yes I beat her up because she was holding me by my genitals after we had an argument. I just wanted her to leave me,” Boy “MilliBoy” Baloyi conceded during his trial in the Saselamani Magistrate’s Court.

On Thursday, Magistrate Daniel Maluleke told him that as a public figure he had to lead by example. He sentenced him to six months’ imprisonment or a R9,000 fine.

Baloyi was arrested after he assaulted the woman at his Malamulele home on January 26. She said he smelt of alcohol.

“You can’t be a saint in public while at home you are a self-made boxer. You have turned your house into a boxing gym,” Maluleke said.

Baloyi told the court he was too poor to afford the fine. He said preaching to people using the bus to get to work and school each morning earned him less than R50 a day, which he used to feed his family.

He would remain in custody until he paid the fine.