Life and Love with TV & Radio Personality Miss V Candy


Miss V Candy is a Radio,TV, Film and Entertainment Personality.

The one thing I would absolutely die without is: Prayer. It keeps me safe under the shadow of his wings and grace.

The one person who really gets me is: is me Of course .
, friends and family around… but I live in my head and contemplate a lot.

If it were to all end today: I want to have lived to my full potential and exhausted every gift inside me. Knowing I made a mark on earth, touched lives and helped people on their feet fulfilling destiny.

One thing you’d be surprised to know about me is: I am holder of a BSc Honors in Political Science. I studied politics not media. It’s a subject that fascinates me a lot, I follow it and analyse it in my private space and yet it’s a route I’ll incorporate in the not too distant future …*watch this space

If my life was a movie:  It would definitely be Mission Impossible, some action thriller. Well because the action and thrill is never ending and I stay winning.

Miss V Candy

Radio for me was:  (is) just got back on radio about two months back so it is that exciting space  that allows me to converse and chat with different people from different walks of life simultaneously engaging them in crazy fun conversation and getting instant feedback. When I’m on air it almost feels like I’m on the phone chatting to my bff sharing stories and painting a picture with words for 3 good hours. It’s sizzling never a dull moment… Radio is my love.

I’d never ever: Short change myself, I know my worth.

My style is: Elegant chic. I love to dress up. To keep it classy, fun and trendy not too much skin. A must have for me is a body fit blazer, I got those in almost all colours. Heels heels heels, I can sleep in those even lol… I love heels.

My ideal Saturday night is:: Well, it depends with how I’m feeling most times I just wanna chill indoors with friends in our own space have some rosé,  laugh a lot,  watch some telly or  loud music. Then other times I want different air away from home but never over crowded places just some mature classy crowd minding their business, rosé, music, talking and a lot of laughs….

My safe haven is: Anywhere I find peace, love, joy and happiness …

My Top 5 jams of all time:  aarggh!!  That’s hard. I hate to leave out other songs, I could do 5 favourite artist lol… ok Justin Timberlake -Tunnel Vision, Coldplay – Clocks, Kendrick Lamar –  Swimming Pools, Mercy Me – I Can only imagine, Journey – Send her my love  and Notorious BIG – The sky is the limit.

Diva is: Someone who exhibits confidence on every level from how she talks to how she carries herself without making anyone feel lessa of themselves and without being arrogant. Someone who owns her look and does not second guess herself, walks in a room and fills it up with warmth and grace.


If only all men were:  Faithful, sticking to their queens and not being swayed. It would be a peaceful world and less stressful raising children in a functional family. The number of divorces has skyrocketed, it’s sad.

If only men knew:  All a woman want is knowing they and they alone makes their heart skip, easy peasy. Make her feel like she is the only girl in the world then half your fights are gone lol.
and when she speaks let her, don’t interrupt. Walaaa perfect world!!

To really love a woman:  Is being faithful and loyal. Action action and more action.

For him to get my attention:  He has to be confident, intelligent, funny and smart. Confident guys are a plus.

The most romantic thing I’ve ever done for a man is: Planning a surprise party for him, brought his long lost childhood friends and family and set up a skype call with his role model.

The most romantic thing a man’s ever done for me is: Create a whole business trip and on arrival discovered it was a holiday weekend for just us two… I was spoilt rotten.

The one thing I’ve done for love I’d NEVER EVER do again is:  lol… I can’t remember.

The most important qualities in a man are: Honesty, hard work and a soft heart.